PhD students

Final year (on the job market – attending EEA 2018 and ASSA 2019)


Cian Allen

  • Paper 1 (JMP): Revisiting the Current Account: Insights from Sectoral Balances
  • Paper 2: Household Wealth and the Net International Investment Position
  • Paper 3: Retained Earnings and Cross-Border Investment Flows
  • Paper 4: The Rise of German Corporate Saving, with Ruo Chen and Joana Pereira


Katharina Bergant

  • Paper 1 (JMP): Euro Area Portfolios under the Microscope – The Role of Valuation, with Martin Schmitz
  • Paper 2: The Anatomy of the Transmission of Macroprudential Policies: Evidence from Ireland, with Viral Acharya, Matteo Crosignani, Tim Eisert and Fergal McCann
  • Paper 3: International capital flows at the security level: evidence from the ECB’s Asset Purchase Programme, with Martin Schmitz
  • Paper 4: Forbearance Patterns in the Post-Crisis Period, with Thore Kockerols
  • Paper 5: The Role of Stock-Flow Adjustment during the Global Financial Crisis


Third and second year


Stephen Byrme

Lorenz Emter

Donata Faccia

Jonathan Rise